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About Charles Zhang

Two things were my childhood: Spider Man and Snow White. At three, I would draw nothing else. At six, my parents started signing me up for art lessons. But at this time in my life, I didn't take art very seriously. I liked looking at things. And I thought I would grow up to be an artist, simply because drawing was the only thing I was passionate about.

Of course, art is much more than simply pencil and paper; it is the deliberated expression of ideas, something I started to grasp only in eighth grade. Since then, I have had the privilege of learning from Mrs. Kathleen Harte-Gilsenan, my school art teacher, Adam Gustavsan, a childrens' book illustrator, and Xu Shi Dan, whose art was displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Although I'm more serious about art now, I still like to keep my expression lighthearted. After working stressful hours on a project, I enjoy making fun of myself by wearing a tag that says "STARVING ARTIST" and cutting off my right ear. For this reason, my classmates nicknamed me Zhang Gogh. Hence, the odd title of this site.

As a senior in high school, I have grown as an art student and, subsequently, fonder of the world around me. I hope to minor in fine arts as an undergraduate to broaden my creativity. 


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